Monday, May 30, 2011

Mod Podge Pug Sign/Wall Art

Here is a sign/wall art that I did for the Pugalug Pug Rescue fundraiser.  I coated an artist's canvas with one coat of mushroom acrylic paint and let it dry.  Then I used my wonderful Silhouette to cut out a silhouette of a pug that I found on-line.  Again, I used the Silhouette to type and weld letters together to print out the phrase 'All you need is pug' with a little heart beside it.  Then.........I used Mod Podge to secure everything down and put a nice coat of Mod Podge all over to seal the entire canvas.  To top it all off, I added some rhinestones to make a blingy collar for the princess pug.  
I hope that you all like it.  This is the first time that I have done something like this and I can't wait to do another one!  I have all kinds of Mod Podge and I am dreaming of my next project.
Hugs and pugs everyone, have a great day!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Card For Our Youngest Niece

Our youngest niece Sarah, turned 10 this past week and we went up to Toronto to help her celebrate.  This is the card that I made for her.  She really loved it!  I made her a matching money box too, to hold her prezzie.  I will have to cut this post short because we are getting a nasty thunderstorm and I have to shut down the computer.  Hugs and pugs everyone.......more later!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Painted Milk Cans

 Here is one of our sad milk cans and what it looked like before I cleaned it, sanded the rust spots, and painted it with Krylon yellow gold spray paint.  They have been sitting out for a few years and got quite dirty and weathered, so it was time for them to be freshened up.
 Here are the milk cans and a few clay pots drying in the sun after a few coats.  They look so sunny and pretty now!
And look how pretty!  Some flowers on top and some great accessories around just brightened up our deck.  Miss Sydney Woo's double sits and guards the deck while Miss Woo is inside relaxing on the couch. 
So glad that we got some yardwork done this weekend in between the rain.  Got the front yard all done and cleaned up and part of the back yard.  Lots more to do, but it will get done.  We did some this morning and then the rain interrupted.  Now we are feeling too lazy, so we are just hanging out reading, looking at the computer, and listening to the radio.  Hope that you are all having a great long weekend!  Hugs and Pugs to everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rag Wreaths

 The French doors that lead to our piano room, that I also call the 'Granny Room' because my sweet Granny's china, pictures, and chair sit in the room also, needed a pick-me-up.  I saw instructions on how to make these wreaths and I think they are just what the doors needed.  I took a coat hanger and shaped it into a circle, cut pieces of this great material (that I found at Value Village......a HUGE piece for $2.99, probably about 4 metres) into about 4 inch by 2 inch strips, and tied all of the strips individually around the coat hanger.  I did a second one and look what I have!  Two pretty wreaths that look kind of feathery because of the type of sheer material that was used.  I was thinking of putting bows on each, but not sure what colour yet.  Or maybe no bows at all.  Have to think about that one.
Here is a close-up of one of the wreaths.  I love cobalt/royal blue and our house has pops of it everywhere on the main floor so these are the perfect colour.  Now I have to make one for the inside of the front door.  I made one out of a cotton material for the outside front door, but with all of the rain, it didn't do too well and got kind of soggy.
I hope that you are all having a great day.  I am snuggling with my little girl, got some great books from the library, picked up my new Silhouette tote, which I will take pics of soon and post, and I am enjoying the first day of a four day weekend.  Later, George and I are going shopping and then to my favourite place..........Boston Pizza.........for the best nachos around!
Hugs and Pugs everyone, have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steam Punk - Super Cool Dad Style

 Well, I went to a great Silhouette class last night and got all steamed up by doing a Steam Punk project for Father's Day.  We 'Silhouetted', we embossed, we folded, we distressed, we stickled, we uteed, we giggled, and look what we came up with!  Super steamy cool!  I looks like a book and inside is a little coil notebook that can be used to put pictures in.  I love it and I know that my amazingly cool Dad will too.  You could also use it to put a gift card in, or candy bars, or any other little great gifts that come in small packages.  The 'book' itself is a wonderful gift that any Dad will love.

 The 'DAD' is done with UTEE, which I have never used before and something that I absolutely MUST get.  Tee heeee.

The butterflies have Stickles on them to make their colours pop.  The man's tie, shoes, and hat ribbon have the stickles as well.  Uh oh, I think I have a new addiction............Steam Punk!!!!!!!
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Hugs and pugs everyone, have a great day.  Now I am off to work to try to get my brain onto credit counselling and accounting and off of steam punking.  Good luck with that one, eh?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

Here is a ribbon wreath that I made for our front door.  I had made another wreath that was made out of small pieces of material and tied around a coat hanger that was turned into a circular shape, but it hasn't stood up to the rainy weather.  So I think this one will do much better.  I cut pieces of ribbon into 4 inch pieces, made them into loops, and pinned them onto a foam wreath.  And voila!  A colourful spring wreath!  My friend Angela has one on her door across the street, which is just beautiful and Angela gave me some tips on how to do mine.  Thanks Angela!  I would like to do one for the side door as well, but that will be on another night because I have to do a quick bit of vacuuming and then catch Dancing With the Stars.  Go Hines Go!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow night I have a Father's Day themed Silhouette class, so I will post pics of what I make.  Can't wait!
Hope that you are all having a great evening.  Hugs and Pugs!  

Great Giveaway From Tatertots and Jello

Check out this amazing giveaway from Tatertots and Jello!  Who wouldn't want to win a Silhouette?  Absolutely the best craft invention in the entire universe! 
So go on over and check out the contest and Jen's very cool blog with all kinds of great ideas and tutorials.
Hugs and Pugs!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Card

Here is a picture of the Mother's Day card that I made for my Mother-in-Law.  I used my Silhouette to do some print and cut images and then put the butterfly cutout on using pop-dots.  Loving the butterfly paper and the green background colour.  I totally forgot to take a pic of my Mom's card that I made for her, but I will get a pic the next time I am there. 
Here is a pic of the cake after a few pieces were cut.  I got the recipe for the cake, which is a yellow butter cake, from
Hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Hugs and Pugs!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Cake

 We are celebrating Mother's Day today at our house and I decided to try my hand at making a cake covered with fondant with fondant flowers and leaves.  I made the leaves and left them to dry over a little plastic dish so that I could have them cascade over the side of the cake, like ivy.
 I used one of those thingies that you pierce an ear of corn with to eat it, to form my tulips on.
 Here are all of the flowers and leaves drying on waxed paper last night.
 I actually got the fondant to roll out and I got it on the cake!  That is the first time that I have ever done that!  Thanks to my friend Angela for all of her hints and tips!
 I know this is out of sequence, but I put a crumb coat of icing on before the fondant, so that the fondant would stick better.  Notice the empty bottle of beer.  I thought I deserved a beer after baking the cake and making all of those flowers and leaves last night.  And notice the pug mug beside it.  That was my bevvie of choice this morning.
 Here it is!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at fondant icing.  I know there are a few lines here and there, but overall, I am pretty happy.
I wrote 'Mom' in freehand with some gold icing that comes in a fine tube.  The 'forget-me-not' flowers are on the cake for all of the moms and grandmoms who can't be with us this mother's day weekend, but who we love so very much and who we will never forget.
Now it is on to the craft that I am making for Mom.  It is pretty funny.  I have another gift for her too, but I always like to have something as well that will make her chuckle, so I will post that soon.  Hope that you have a great day!  Hugs and Pugs!!!!!!!
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Peasy Roman Shade

I have been wanting to make a Roman shade for our kitchen door for ages, but I have been terrified.  Of what, you may ask.  Oh, I don't know.  Of cutting fabric wrong, of making a mistake.  So what?  That's all part of the learning process.  I looked on-line for easy instructions and I came across THE most amazingly simple and wonderful tutorial for making Roman shades from cheap mini blinds.  Since I had an ugly mini blind on our door (that has been there for many, many years) and someone gave me a tablecloth for our kitchen and we don't have a table in there, I thought, hmmmmmmmmm, this could work.  So I decided to just do it.  Here is the link for the instructions: and here are my pics of how things turned out for me.
 The first pic is of my little Supervisor, watching from the couch.  I had already taken down the blind, laid out the material, and removed most of the slats.
 Here is the pic of the door.  I was too embarassed to show you what the blind looked like before when it was still hanging.  You may notice all of the ugly marks that it left when it would swing back and forth when the door was opened, but a few quick swipes with a magic eraser and they were gone.
 Here is the blind after everything was glued into place.
 And here is the blind, full out, on the door!  It looks like a real Roman shade!!!!!
And here it is drawn up a little bit so that we can see little Miss Sydney Woo when she is sun-bathing on the deck.  I am beyond pleased!!!!!  We got new windows in the diningroom this past summer and guess what I am going to do today?  I am going to get three PLASTIC blinds, fabric, and get going on those.  Notice that I put PLASTIC in capitals.  Word to the wise.  Do not use aluminum blinds.  I used aluminum blinds for this one because that is what I had on hand, and they bend very easily, so this one does not go up and down so great.  But at least it looks pretty!  Well, I am off to cook lunch for little Sydney Woo, and wait for my sweetie pie to get home from squash so that I can hit Fabricland and Walmart to get started on the blinds for the diningroom.............oh, and also the front sunroom.  Tee heeee!  Have a great Sunday all.  Hugs and Pugs!!!!!!!