Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love avocadoes!!!!!!!!
Look how the pits sprout into trees.

And then avocadoes turn into delicious things like guacamole..........yum.
Avocado cornbread muffins.
And avocado salad with spinach, strawberries, gorgonzola cheese and pecans. It all looks so deelish!

I may have to try some new avocado recipes, they all look so good. Hugs and pugs to everyone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here is my card for Day 27 - Super Sketchy Sunday. I decided to do an Easter Egg with a cute little chickie hatching out. My sweetie pie said the chickie looks like an alien, more specifically Kazoo from the Flintstones. Maybe so, but I think the chick is pretty cute. I used the Silhouette for all of the images and of course, used bright papers, trying to encourage spring to finally arrive. I think little Bryson will like this card for Easter. He is now 2 and a half and is a total cutie face!

I talked to my parents in Florida today and can you believe that they were complaining that it was too hot there today?????????? Oh brother. They are way too funny. Well, off to bed. Hugs and pugs to everyone. Have a great night!

Indoor Easter Wreath

Since the sun is out today, I decided to make a little indoor Easter wreath with items that I found around the house and at the Dollarama. You will notice that my cute little assistant was never far behind.

There was a slightly broken wreath sitting outside that had been banged up by the winter weather and sensing that it needed a little pick-me-up, I spray painted it antique white. And believe it our not, I was spray painting in a box that was sitting on top of snow. Yes, we still have snow. This is the wreath after it dried and was brought inside. And her is my little helper (her eyes go so bright with the flash), posing with the vine garlands that I have had for ages for another project, which I have totally forgotten about. Look at her professional pose! Miss Sydney Woo is a natural!
Here is the wreath, after I wrapped both vine garlands around it, which will also hold the wreath together.
Here is a little bag of cute styrofoam eggs from the Dollarama.
This is a sprig that I found at the Dollarama as well, I am going to remove the nest and replace the pink coloured eggs with a few of the purple coloured eggs.
And here it is.........after gluing on the purple eggs and the cute nest. It looks so springy! It's going on the inside front door right now. I am sure that little Sydney Woo will let me know exactly how to hang it. Thanks for your help Syd! Best supervisor in the world. Hugs and pugs!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Almost Forgot What This Looks Like

Just look at what was hiding under all of that snow!!! Isn't it beautiful? I missed it!
And just look at what you can get so that you can walk on grass in those places that don't have lots of the green stuff under foot. difficult would it be to cut that grass? I would recommend a push mower definitely.

Or what you can wear to feel the grass between your toes. And excuse me, but does that label say 'Krispy Kreme'?

How sweet!

Oh, a grass ottoman.

And, the ultimate green car.
Can't wait to smell the first hint of freshly cut grass in the air, while sitting on the deck with Miss Sydney Woo of course, watching my sweetie pie dancing around the lawn with the mower. Bring on spring!


Peek-a-boo..............I see you! Spring is on it's way!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Altered Clip Board

Here is an altered clipboard that I finally finished today. I bought the clipboard at Dollarama for $1.25 and used satin Mod Podge to seal all of the paper pieces onto the clipboard. I sanded the edges, used lots of bling, made a 3-D flower using the Silhouette, some stickles, some gems, and some ribbon to finish it all off. I also did a 3-D ribbon with my Silhouette too, just to glam up the thingy that holds the paper on the clipboard. The paper is so cute and it is from 'My Mind's Eye' and is a stack of 'Playful Posies' by Zoe Pearn. Love the colours in the stack.
Well, off to bed now. I have stayed up way too late crafting. Tomorrow night I have a Silhouette class. Yippeeeee............I can't wait!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know all about it over the next few days. Goodnight!!!!!!

West Highland Terrier Card

Here is a birthday card that I made for my dear, sweet friend Ray in Australia. Ray has a beautiful little West Highland Terrier named Charlie who is absolutely the most handsome little boy in the world! I have yet to meet Charlie in person, but I have met him over Skype and he is a darling. The last time that I visited Ray in Australia he did not have Charlie and the previous time that I visited him, Ray had two Jack Russell Terriers. Ray takes Charlie for walkies every morning before it gets too hot. This summer it has been particularly hot in Western Australia with temps going into the 40's. Charlie sleeps on the tile floor in the main bathroom during the night where it is coolest and when Ray and I are talking on Skype, Charlie is usually curled up in the corner of the study, where it is coolest during the day.
The image of the Westie is made from 'Duo Twists' from which has an amazing website. These are called '3D twisted pyramid decoupage with textured effect panels'. I then finished the card off using a Fiskars punch to do some edging with some paisley patterned paper underneath, some stickles, some little gems, and some cute little paw charms. You can see in the second image how the Westie image is built up into a pyramid and rotated. I will have to put this special card in a padded envelope so that it gets there in one piece. I hope he likes it! Hugs and pugs to everyone! Have a great night.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day - A Few Days Early

Happy St. Patrick's Day.........a few days early. Just in case I get caught up in having a few green beers and don't get to the computer on the day, have a great one! Miss Sydney Woo has her green dancing shoes on for the day. And remember - on St. Patrick's Day, EVERYONE's Irish!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mmmmmmmmm.......Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

I just baked some chocolate chip banana muffins. They actually were just banana muffins, but I felt like I needed a little bit of chocolate, so I added in the chocolate chips. Oh boy, they smell so good! Made a nice Shepherd's Pie for my sweetie pie for dinner too. He had the difficult job of taking Miss Sydney Woo to get her nails cut today and as usual, she put up quite the fight. She is quite the drama queen, but we wouldn't have her any other adorable way! Now she is exhausted for the night. I also tried out the new vacuum today.....but just a little............wouldn't want to strain myself..........ha ha haaaa. Well, I am off to try one of these muffins now that they have cooled off a little bit. Have a great night. Hugs and pugs!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Need Stronger Glue

I had a slight disaster with my iPod cover project yesterday. Hmmmmmmmmm.....the words 'slight' and 'disaster' probably don't work very well in the same sentence. I should have said a Total Disaster, but that just sounds so negative. Nothing was destroyed, the gems just didn't stick to my iPod case in my last project. Booooo! So if you look at the 'before' picture in my previous post, that is what the iPod case looks like again. So it's not all bad. I think I will try little dots of Gorilla glue, which is the best stuff ever. It glues everything and I just happen to have a fresh bottle sitting right over there..................yep, right over there on the table. Just within reach. So I will try that and let you know the outcome.

And speaking of Gorilla Glue, have you checked out their website? There are tons of different kinds of Gorilla Glue! They have tape, wood glue, glue name it, they have it. Amazing stuff! Here is the address to go and check it out: .

I hear the most beautiful sound in the world right sweet George is doing the dishes.....................oh he is just wonderful. I made homemade chicken soup for him and a little bit of fresh bruschetta for him to have on bread and now he is doing the dishes. Sweet! And little Sydney Woo keeps trying to pretend that she has to go outside to go potty just so that she can have her homemade treats. She goes out, goes around the corner of the house, turns around, comes back in, and sits and looks up at the treat container. Doesn't always do any business, but just gives us the cute look that says 'I might have........, so I really should have a treat now'. Who can resist the power of pug cuteness? Not us. Have a great Sunday evening. Are you tuning into The Celebrity Apprentice? We sure are. Looks like it's going to be a whole lot of entertainment. Hugs and Pugs!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Little Bling...well no, a LOT of Bling

Why use a little bling when you can use a lot? I decided to sparkle up my ipod case with some bling that I got at Michael's recently. Everything just looks better with a little bit of..............or a lot of sparkle. Easy peasy. Just put dots of glue on and added the gems. Now it is drying. I can't wait to put it back on my ipod. Hope that you are all staying dry and having a great Saturday night!


There are all kinds of smiles in the world and they all seem to have the same effect....................they tend to be contagious. Ever smile at someone who appears to be absolutely against smiling? I LOVE to do that. So enjoy these smiles on this rainy, miserable day. I know how to make little Sydney Woo smile.........make her some fresh treats, which is what I am going to do today before I start some crafts.
And what do March showers bring? Melting snow!!!!!! Yay!!!! We can finally see the grass that has been hiding under the snow for months! And it's a good day to cuddle with your sweetie pies and a good day to craft. Oh, and probably a good day to do some cleaning. I did a little bit of that, just to make the house look a little more tidy and to make myself feel a little less guilty. Tee heee. And now that I have alleviated myself of some housecleaning guilt, it's time to craft!!!!! Hugs and pugs!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Since it is starting to rain, and it is supposed to rain for a few days, I have been thinking about umbrellas. In particular...........where is MINE? It always seems to disappear when I really need it. So while I was wondering where it is, I came across a few cute, interesting, and functional pics of various umbrellas.

Sydney Woo totally needs one of these.

Look at these stylish ladies with their galoshes on!

Pure awesomeness.

Super cute, flirty and feminine.

And who could forget............drink umbrellas. Yummmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marchesa Handbags

Look at these Marchesa handbags...............exquisite!
This pretty in pink handbag is adorable and I can totally see a lady carrying it while wearing a beautiful flowing black dress.
This bow handbag is super cute! I wonder where it opens?????

This blue handbag and the gold one below remind me of iris paper folding. They are so beautiful.

These little handbags can really complete an outfit. And I am a firm believer in the fact that your shoes do NOT have to match your handbag. I love putting complementary colours together to accessorize an outfit. So fun and it gives the outfit a pop of colour and that is just what we need these days, especially during these long days of winter when colour can really lift our spirits. Have fun thinking about all of the spring colours that we will be wearing soon!


Ahhhhh...............tea. I LOVE tea. Especially on a cold winter's day when I am feeling achy and sniffly. Nothing is more comforting than a hot cuppa. Then again, the temperature outside doesn't really matter when drinking tea. I can drink tea on the hottest day of the year, and it always tastes divine. Today I am feeling sniffly and after getting up at 4:45 am to feed the little puggie girl, a hot cuppa is just what I needed. Check out these photos of tea, in all it's wonderful, tasty, and comforting glory.

Mr. are adorable...........and very appropriately dressed for tea time!

Oh my........look at those treats for high tea. I'll have one of those..........and two of those...........

Sign me up for a few of these green tea Kit Kats!

And what tea party would be complete without a few guests?

Oh my..........what a deliciously ornate tea set!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Okay. So I have heard the name Marchesa during the awards season a lot and I finally looked them up on the internet and look what I found..................absolute perfection! The gowns are incredible, so feminine and made with silk, organza, and all kinds of beautiful embellishments that complete the look. They also design handbags and other accessories which are equally gorgeous. The ways that the fabrics are cut and styled into these dresses are truly amazing and these dresses are works of art. Which one is your fave? Enjoy!
Black and can never go wrong with this classy combination.

Love the softness of the draping and the fabric rosettes.

Look at the structure of this dress....................gorgeous!

Oh words.

Lovely lavender. And shoulder is just slightly accented.

Beautiful soft colouring.

Eggplant is so regal and classy. Look at the flow of this gown. Loving all of the rosette-type embellishment across the top.