Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vintage Gowns

Thinking about gowns today because of the Oscars tonight. Aren't they unbelievably beautiful???? My fave is the second one, which is the gold mermaid style, but believe me, I would take any of these. Which one is your fave? I haven't seen any of the Oscar nominated movies, so I will be tuning in mostly to see the fashions. Ha ha haaaaa. Hope that you all have a great day. We are taking my sweet mother in law out for lunch today to the Mandarin for their deelish buffet. She is having a knee replacement in a few weeks and the entire family is getting together today for a nice lunch before her surgery. It will be really nice to see everyone and I know that my mother in law is really excited to see her grandchildren. So I have to get moving and get some laundry and ironing done and also get myself ready. Talk again soon. Hugs and pugs!!!!


Don't you just love bows? Look at all of the different ways that they can be embellish clothing, to put in your hair, or to put on a Christmas gift. I just love the little Christmas trees made out of different colours of ribbon! Aren't they adorable? And the shoes are just gorgeous! Bows just seem to make everything happier. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 359 - Tuesday Trio

Here's Day 359 - Tuesday Trio..........using blue, using a button, and using a distressing technique. I have used blue paper from Playful Posies, stamped a collage image using blue ink and then distressing it with Tim Holtz antique linen Distress Ink, and then cut out a key shape and a 3-d flower from the Silhouette, and I also distressed both of those with the same antique linen ink. There is a blue button in the middle of the flower. I used some light brown paper in the background and punched the edge with a Fiskars punch, and used lots of gold stickles to edge the flower and glitter up some other areas of the stamped image and the little flowers. I really love blue and brown together. Well, that's it for tonight for card making. My little puggie girl has a very sore ear that needs to be tended to. She is trying to jump on my lap and I can't make cards and treat her ears at the same time. See you later and I hope that all of you are having a great evening! Hugs and pugs to you all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 358 - Colour Scheme

Day 358 - Colour Scheme from 365 Cards. This was kind of a tough one, even though we were given the colours. I think I got all of the colours, but I had trouble putting everything together. I used some cutouts from the Silhouette and I edged the flower in red ink, used a Fiskars punch to do the edging on the rust coloured paper, and of course, blinged it out with some red crystals. I love the green ribbon. Hope that you like it! Now I have to go and have some dinner because I am starving!!!!!! George is out playing squash and Sydney has already eaten, but I just can't wait until George gets home. I will make him something yummy when he gets in. Hope that you have a great night. I am going to look back on the 365 Cards challenges from last week and see what I missed. I am hoping that George can fix my printer because I downloaded some new digi stamps, but my printer is not working. So I better fix him something really yummy for dinner............tee heeee. Talk again soon..........hugs and pugs!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking Forward to Spring

Heard that we are in for another storm starting tonight. Just as I am typing this, George has informed me that yes, it is indeed snowing outside.............again. This seems to be an extra long winter, but at least we are far better off than many, many places in the world in terms of weather, political unrest, and so many other issues. So more snow will not dampen my spirit! I was going through all of the pictures on my laptop and I finally organized all of them. What a job. Hopefully now that they are organized, they will stay organized. I came across some pics from our garden and thought I would share some. I may have posted these previously, but I couldn't resist sharing them again because they bring just the breath of spring that we all need right now. I hope that you are having a cozy night tonight. We sure are, snuggled up, watching t.v., blogging, doing laundry, and enjoying spending time together with our little puggie girl. Tomorrow is Family Day, so Syd and I will be home spending Momma and Puggie time together. George has to work, since he works for the Feds, but he does have the afternoon off. Yay!!!!! Syd will probably supervise me in the craft room tomorrow morning. Didn't get any crafting done this weekend, but managed a trip to Michael's yesterday for a big sale. So I will put some new stuff to good use tomorrow. See you soon! Hugs and pugs!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Dinner Party

Having a little dinner party today here for my parents. George, my Mom, my Dad, myself and little Sydney Woo. My parents are leaving for Florida soon for a whole month. Can you believe they can stand to be away from me for that long? Neither can I. Ha ha haaaaa...........well, at least we have Skype. So, George and I have invited them over for dinner. I just set the table and took a few pics. These are our good dishes from Denby and they are 'Metz'. We got them as wedding gifts when we were married 13 years ago. The crystal is also from our wedding and the pattern is called 'Starlight'. If you can see the ivy plant on the right hand side under the window behind the table, that is from my wedding bouquet. My father rooted it for me when we were on our honeymoon and it has been growing ever since. What a wonderfully thoughtful man my Dad is. And so is my Mom. I am so lucky to have them as my parents. And if the truth were told, I can barely stand to be away from them for a whole month. But shhh.........don't let on I told you that. It will be our secret. Talk soon. Hugs and pugs!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lazy Daizy Pretty Little Pug

My pretty little girl didn't want to get out of bed one day this week while George and I were getting ready for work. Oh, how I wanted to crawl right back in with her! What a snuggly little puggly girl! This was probably the night after the Westminster Dog Show was on t.v. and she could not stop barking and talking to all of the beautiful doggies. She goes crazy for dogs and all kinds of animals and people on t.v. And for some strange reason, she can't stand golf on the t.v. either! She is so funny. Well, I better go..........I just baked a fresh batch of oatmeal and rice flour treats for her and even that little flat puggie nose can smell them a mile away. Hugs and pugs!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 346 - Teen Queen

Ummmmm............did somebody say card for a 'girl' and 'bling'???? Well, well, well..........that got my attention. Because I LOVE the colour pink on cards and I LOVE bling on cards, so here it Teen Queen card for 365 Cards. I used a stamp from Hero Arts and coloured the dress in with my Sharpie Markers on watercolur paper. I stamped the image with black StazOn ink and then blinged everything up with stickles, rhinestones, a gold peel off sticker, ribbon, and one favourite silhouette 3-d flower. Hope you like it! Hugs and pugs!

Day 345 - Feeling Like a Rock Star

'U Are A Rock Star!!' Just catching up on a 365 Days challenge from a few days ago. I used the Silhouette to cut out the letters and the guitar as well as used lots of stickles. Love those stickles! I had the blue background paper in my stash and it reminded me of a starry sky. Hoping to do more challenges for 365 cards this week. Just finished an order for a friend and will be moving on to more projects. Slight hiccup this week with being under the weather, but I am feeling lots better now. Hope to post again very soon. Hugs and pugs everyone!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Adorable Baby Animals

Oh my goodness...............the cuteness in these pictures defies description! I can't take it!!!!! Came home from work today and I just can't seem to stop cuddling with my little puggie girl. She is so snuggly and she does not want me to get up and sit at my desk and do some crafting. And I can't resist her. Therefore, I must lay here on the couch, with her curled up against me, with my laptop, surfing the internet. My sweetie pie hubby has gone out to play squash and little Syd and I are keeping warm, watching t.v. and hanging out. I am planning on going to Michael's tomorrow to pick up a few embellishments, so I better go on the Flyerland website to see if there are any coupons. Enjoy these sweet pics of these gorgeous babies. Talk again soon. Stay warm and toasty! Hugs and pugs!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheerful Cards

Here are a few cards that I made to try to chase away some of the winter blahs. Although the snow is pretty, I think I have had enough. So I did some pretty flower cards using once again, THE Silhouette, 'Oriental Card Cutout', a few stickles to give the middles of the flowers a little punch, a white background to make the colours stand out, and some gold peel-off stickers for a few of the corners. I am now working on some purple 'bubble' background cards, so will put them up as soon as I finish. Uh oh...............someone is crying............she has gotten herself somehow wedged in between the furnace room door and the dehumidifier. How she did that I don't know...................oh that mischevious little puggie girl! I better go and get her. Talk again soon!!!! Pug Momma to the rescue!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Under the Weather Today

Feelin' under the weather today, so stayed home to snuggle with my little girlie girl. Hoping to be back to myself very soon. Hugs and pugs to everyone.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Girlie All Occasion Card

Here's a pic of a girlie all occasion card, made, of course, with my new obsession, the Silhouette! I used the 3-d flower, 'me & my big ideas' paper, a Fiskars punch, some light green pearl accents, and lots of gold stickles with some gold outline stickers in a few corners. I love glitter!!!! Pugs and hugs to everyone!!!

Day 344 - Rinchies

Here is my card for Day 344 - Rinchies from 365 Cards. Love the word 'rinchies'! And with my Silhouette, it is so easy to create shapes that have specific dimensions. Have I mentioned before that I LOVE the Silhouette? This Valentine card is for a little boy. It is kind of hard to make Valentines for boys because it seems like a more girlie type of occasion, but I hope this special little boy will like this one. I did the three 'rinchies' in the top left hand portion of the card and put little hearts on them that were cut out from doggie bone paper. And I did another 'Love Paw' from the Silhouette and blinged it all up just a little bit and added some layers of doggie papers all on a reddish/burgundy background paper. The 'Love Paw' makes me so happy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 343 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here is my take on Day 343 - Super Sketchy Sunday. I have been making Valentines so I thought I would go for one following Day 343. I used the 'Love Paw' from the Silhouette and of course, blinged everything out in pink, pearls, polka dots, doggie bones, and stickles. This will be going to a very special little girl who loves doggies and of course, it will be from Miss Sydney Woo. Miss Woo did some of the supervising, while laying in front of the fireplace making sure that her Momma was hard at work at her desk. Way to go Sydney! Oh, speaking of Sydney, she has just noticed that the neighbours have their snowblower out and is barking and woo wooing at it........she is so very tough and she is going to chase that big, bad machine away! Well, time to do one more card and then it will be on to making the Super Bowl snacks!!!!!!

My Re-Organized Craft Area

Our cute little 'fireplace' the keeps us warm in the craft area during this very cold and snowy winter. Notice the pics of my Gram, Gramps, and my Gram's wonderful sewing basket.
The area beside my desk where I keep the glue, pop dots, cutters, remotes for the t.v. (ha ha haaaaaa), and pics of the fave little ones in our lives.

My childhood desk. Inside the desk I have all of my inks, markers, watercolour pencils, embossing powders, and glitters. Look at my Silhouette!!!!!!!!!

Look at my booky wooks! Of course there are many more, but they are scattered around the house, just begging to be organized.

Here are my rubber stamps, displayed where I can see them , on a nice wooden bookcase that my talented Dad made. My Dad also put the shelves up above the bookcase so that I could organize many more gadgets and supplies.

And pure happiness......................a whole bunch of Sharpies!!!!!!!!! Woo hooooo!!!! I saw them at Costco and I could not resist!

And of course, one of five Princess Pug beds, right in front of the 'fireplace'. I wonder what bed she is sleeping in right now? Probably ours. Ha ha ha. She is VERY smart.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cute way to hold your Post-It Notes

This is a really cute idea that I saw on which is a great blog full of the coolest ideas. I can't find the exact post where the idea came from, but just take a look through all of the creative ideas. I bought one of the cheapie frames from the dollar store that you can slide a picture into and turn on it's side to display a pic. It had glass in it, so I took the glass out, glued paper on, embellished with a 3-d flower design from my Silhouette, added some bling, and then glued on a coloured post-it note pad from a pack that I got at Costco. Then turned it so that it is elevated at the perfect angle for writing. Pretty neat, eh? I think it will look great on my desk at work. And what a great gift for someone! Hugs and pugs everyone!!!

Cuteness Alert!!!

Hello Kitty sushi????? Oh my goodness!!!

And Hello Kitty sewing machines...................................tons of cuteness. I can barely stand it!!!!