Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Pics of Shadow Boxes and Collages

A shadow box with some items from a trip to Australia and a pic from our walk along the trail from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach. It was breathtaking!
Pics and things from our honeymoon in Jamaica and a trip to Florida. The little hand drawn pictures inside the shadow box were drawn by a local artist and they are gorgeous!

A digital collage of photos that I made for my Gram of her and my Gramps.

Here is a shadow box that I made for Gram for Mother's Day a few years ago. I put a pic of her and I in there along with little things that reminded me of her.

Some Warhol-inspired pics of Miss Sydney Woo that I did with Picnik and put on canvasses with Mod Podge. I plan on putting them all together somehow and making them into one piece of art.

Gram's Sewing Basket

My Gram's sewing of my prized possessions. So many wonderful memories. I always wanted to look inside to see what treasures Gram had inside. Gram made some of my clothes when I was little and boy oh boy, was she talented!

And here is the sewing basket that Gram gave me for Christmas one year. I love it!

Gettin' Creative and Re-Purposing

Here are a few t-shirts. I love the pink shirt, but it 'shrunk' and is a little tight for me now. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Anyways.............I love the shirt and still want to wear it, so I thought............why not put some extra fabric in it to help the fact that it 'shrunk'. Again, that is my story and I am STILL stickin' to it. So I used a plain white t-shirt that I don't wear because I can't seem to wear anything white without getting food, ink, or dirt on it. I cut two 'V' shapes out of the sides of the white t-shirt, cut the seams in the pink t-shirt, and then sewed the white pieces into the sides of the pink t-shirt. And voila! A shirt that now fits!

Well, then I got even more creative and cut some more strips from the white t-shirt and made some little flowers to embellish around the collar. Then I used some Tulip fabric paint to put the centres in the flowers.

Now I can wear this t-shirt and it will now fit. I hate it when clothes 'shrink'! Don't you???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Miss Sydney Woo, Supervisor Extraordinare

And once again..........I did the pics backwards. Oh well. I think you get the idea. Work, supervise, beer break, completed project, collapse in a comfy chair with the most beautiful girl in the world and the most amazing husband in the world!

Mod Podge and Food Colouring

I used this technique that I found on It is so cool! Plain glass jars are painted with a mixture of outdoor modpodge and food colouring! I did them with outdoor modpodge so that I can take them outside and put some candles in them on the deck. They will glow beautifully!