Sunday, June 20, 2010


Pics of some cards that I have made over the past few days. Things have been kind of crazy around our place lately, so I haven't been making cards for a while.
Our little Sydney has been quite ill. She had surgery just over a week ago to remove a growth around her little shoulder (still waiting for biopsy results) and she fell ill a few days later. She saw a neurologist because we were afraid that she was having seizures and then had a consult with a cardiologist who sent her home with a heart monitor for 24 hours. The neurologist does not think that the problem is neurological, but may be a heart arrythmia that is making her collapse. Sydney then saw an internist who did blood work and x-rays on her heart and lungs. X-rays were normal, so we are waiting for blood test results and heart monitor results. The internist thinks that she may have an elongated pallet that got inflamed during surgery and/or an allergic reaction. We are hoping for the best and will probably get results this week. Tomorrow Syd gets her stitches out, so she will be a lot happier. We have been completely stressed out and are hoping and praying that our sweet girl will be alright.
We have also had water in our brand new finished basement and have hired a contractor to excavate and put new window wells, stone, weeping tiles, etc. in. Our diningroom window was shattered because of a mishap with a ladder (no comment on that one) so we have ordered a new one to be put in. Our muffler was falling off of our older vehicle, so that was fixed. And the other day our 1.5 year old washing machine was recalled because it is a fire hazard and had to be unplugged immediately.
So.......................through all of that, I have only had ONE migraine. Amazing!
The only part that matters to us is Sydney's health. All of the other stuff can be fixed and we can hire people to do that. But our little girl is the most important thing in the world to us and we love her with all of our hearts.
Well, on that note, I am going to have a lie down with a good book. Sydney is asleep on the couch with her Poppa and they are watching soccer. Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing men out there who are fathers to human children and fur babies. My handsome husband is the best Pup Poppa in the world!!!!