Friday, May 28, 2010

Mixed Media Card

A mixed media birthday card. Handmade ribbon rose, paint sponging, and alcohol inks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pug A Lug Raffle Basket

We won this beautiful painting from the raffle draw! It was painted by a local tattoo artist.

I always do these pics backwards. This is the basket after it was wrapped in cello.

This is the basket before it was wrapped.

An altered 'Turtles' tin that was too big to fit in the guess what????? I am keeping it for my desk at work to hold all of my pens and pencils. Teee heeeee.

An altered notebook............puggie style.

Materials and stamps donated by Gina from Stampin' Up. All I had to do was stamp and assemble.

Some puggie cards.

Here are photos of the goodies that I made for the annual Pug A Lug, to benefit Pug Rescue. I put them all together in a basket for a raffle prize.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Prezzies for My Mom

Here are some pieces of jewellery that I made for my Mom for Mother's Day. Mom picked out the beads on a trip to Michael's and I made the necklaces and earrings for her. Mom wants one necklace to wear with a v-neck top and one to wear with a round or scoop neck top.....and of course earrings to match.
I am off now to make layered veggie tortellini salad for Mother's Day dinner at my wonderful Aunt Val's house. George will probably just come for the dinner part and then come home to watch Miss Sydney Woo. She has not had an episode since yesterday, but we are still being very careful with her and don't want to leave her for very long. George took her for a walk today and she did great.........even wanted to play with one of the little dogs in the neighbourhood. When she came home, she laid out in the sun for a little bit before coming back in to keep me company while I made the jewellery. We love her so much!!!!! Oooooooooo....I just her the pitter patter of little puggie feet..............Miss Woo and her Poppa are awake from their nap. I must go and give them a million kisses!
Talk soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Whole Lot of Happy

Check this out! Smiles all around! Check out this link:
Makes me sooo happy!!!!!!!!!

Some Design Inspiration

Don't you just LOVE the antiquey looking pillar? My Dad built something similar for us a few years ago as a plant stand. Not quite as tall, similar, and square. I am planning on giving it a fresh look over the new few weeks. I love how this one is made to look old. Maybe it is old. One thing I is fabulous.

Pretty cool. I just love how they have hung these on the wall. I am not sure what to call 'these', but they are gorgeous.

These little frames are great nooks for stones! They would also look cute with shells. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........sounds like a good bathroom project.

Now this is classy. And of course, there are pops of pink, which I adore. I am trying to figure out what to do with our French doors that lead into the music room and this may be just the ticket.

Magnificent Cherry Tree

Here are some pics of the massive cherry tree in our back yard. I guess someone forgot to prune it years ago and this is what we get to witness for a few weeks every spring. It is absolutely beautiful. There are lots of cherries on the tree in the summer and some fall down and get fermented on the ground in the heat. The birds come along, eat them and get drunk. They wobble around on the grass and when they sober up, they fly away. I wonder if they have a hangover the next day?

Hello There

It's been a while since I have posted. I have been suffering again from terrible migraines and back pain, mostly a result from the car accident that I was in almost a year ago. So, crafting has been on my mind, but my body has not been cooperating. Very, very frustrating for a creative person.

My sweetie pie husband was away in Quebec City for the week on business. Sydney and I missed him so much!!! He is back now and we are so happy!

Unfortunately today we had a really bad scare with Miss Sydney Woo. We don't know if she had a seizure and it was really frightening. We took her to the emergency clinic and the exam was normal. Her tail has gone back up, her ears are perky, and she had a short walk around the block. Right now she is growling at the tv at a cartoon dog. Sweet!!! We have to monitor her for the next 24 hours and keep her as calm as possible. We have to make sure that she doesn't see anymore cartoon dogs on the tv!

Here are a few pics of Miss Sydney Woo lying in bed, one of her favourite places. What was I thinking buying a chocolate brown duvet cover in summer with a little pug who sheds so much???? Well, I went out and bought a great lint brush and it works wonders. And she is so totally worth it!!!