Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Things

Found out about a site called and it is really cool. You can do so many things with your pictures and best of is FREE!!!!!!

So I have downloaded some photos and put together some mosaics.
The first pic is a mosaic of some pug pillows that I found on-line. Super cute! And what a great way to put pics together and be able to look at a lot of images all at once. Do you LOVE these pillows???? I sure do. I LOVE all things pug!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Less Cranky Today heard it here first...........I am LESS cranky today. Yippeeeee!!!!! Even though the weather outside is rainy and dark, there are so many things to be happy about. My sweet husband, who is home today and who is going to make me a delicious sandwich for my lunch break, my little puggie girl, who I am going to post some pics of today, and so many other things!!! So Happy Monday to everyone!!!! Today I go for more therapy on my hand and back, so I will be running around like crazy afterwards, full of energy. Good thing, because I have another card order to do! I am so happy that people like my stuff!!! happy that I am able to do all of the things that I can do. And thank you to Rosemary of The Order of The Opus Gluei for always making the nicest comments on my blog. You are wonderful!!!

On that note, enjoy the pics of my little girl. She is such a clown. Some of the pics are from when she was just a pup and used to go to daycare once per week downtown. Unfortunately, the daycare has since closed up. Sydney Woo had such fun when she was there.

Take care and I will be posting some new cards and craft soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soccer Cards

I did a few soccer cards that a friend requested for a soccer banquet. One did not photograph well, so there are only two that I am posting here.
Hope that you have all had a great weekend.
We have had a busy weekend, babysat our beautiful great-nephew and also a little puggie friend of Miss Sydney Woo's.
My husband has been sick with a cold and now I am afraid that I am starting to show signs of coming down with it as well. I am loading up on my rooibos tea, benadryl, and immuno boosting vitamins. Not much of a sense of humour today, kind of grumpy.
Thanks for visiting. I will be in a much better mood when I post again.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bedrooms, Bedrooms, Bedrooms

I LOVE bedrooms!!!! I love to nap and I love to lay on the bed in the afternoon, reading a good book. Which is exactly what I am going to do when I finish this post. I will get back to crafting after dinner. For some reason, I get the most creative after dinner. Not sure why, but it is my best time of day to craft.
My little puggie wuggie loves to nap too. She just adores polar fleece because it is so soft and cushiony. I made her a few beds, one is made from Strawberry Shortcake polar fleece and the other is a blue plaid. The blue plaid bed sits inside her pup tent, which is in the upstairs hallway.
She hides in there sometimes and looks out the side window of the tent. She spies on us and seems to think that we can't see her if she is in there. All totalled, she has six beds in the house, some piled on top of each other for extra cushion, and some filled with polar fleece pieces that she beats up and gets into just the right shape for napping.
I just love all of these bedrooms.
Well, I am going to read my book and lay on the nice comfy duvet. I think I must have been a pug in another life. Oh, and the book I am reading is called 'Cleopatra's Daughter' by Michelle Moran. Really good. But it's only a 7-day book from the library, so I better get cracking.
Have a great Sundy and see you again soon!

The Sweetest Pincushions EVER!

Are these the sweetest and most adorable pincushions you have ever seen? They are for sale on Etsy and the link is They are so cute. I would LOVE a few for my sewing area. And they are filled with emery to keep your needles and pins nice and sharp. What a great idea! I didn't know that the little strawberry that is attached to a traditional tomato pincushion is filled with emery too. Love to learn something new every day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cool New Find

Here is an awesome site that I found that helps you do some cool things with your pics. It is

I found it when I happened on a great blog called Check it out, there are some awesome ideas and amazing crafts.

So I did a mosaic using the tools at and came up with a mosaic of four favourite things. And this is it!!! So four of my fave things are........looking out at the lake when the sun is setting, my sweet, sweet hubby of 11 years, our climbing roses in the spring, and.....of course, our little Princess Pug, Miss Sydney Woo!!!

Can you believe this???

Ok. I am not in the jacuzzi yet. I just found this unbelievable image about decorating a little girl's room, on the internet. I just googled 'decorating' and this is one of the first images. Can you say, "I want to be a little girl again!!!!"
I wonder if little Miss Sydney Woo would like a new Cinderella bed??? Oooooooooooo, how cute would she be in this carriage/bed???? OMG, so cute that I just can't stand it!! Ok, now off to the jacuzzi with a good book and a cuppa.

Some Thoughts

I am sitting here thinking. I know, quite a dangerous past-time. It is so freezing outside today, especially at 6:30 in the morning, when someone wants to be fed her breakfast. No, not four legged little girly girl. Who needs an alarm clock when you have the most beautiful face staring you down at exactly 6:30 am every day, giving the big eyed hint that says, "Please...feed"
So, after feeding my girl her gourmet breakfast, her and I are sitting in the downstairs family room, all cuddled up in a soft blanket, with the fireplace on. Yes, I said fireplace. I LOVE this time of year. Wearing cuddly clothes, cuddling with my hubby and puggy, and snuggling. Can you tell that I love cuddling and snuggling????

This time of year also makes me want to cook. And bake. The kitchen is so much more inviting in the cooler weather.

I also have a thought about 'Survivor'. My hubby and I decided to give it a chance again this year, since we have been kind of bored by it over the past several seasons and didn't watch. This year, the promos were right when they said that the most evil survivor character EVER would be on the show. Isn't he something????? OMGoodness. I would be voted off the first day. Either that or I would just quit. What would I do if I couldn't make my crafts?????

So here is my thought/question........................Why did all of the contestants look completely dry, except for one poor woman who looked like she had just been caught in the eye of a hurricane, when they arrived on the beach in their two teams????? What has happened to 'reality'???? I realize that you dry faster in the sun, but really???? Oh well, I was still completely entertained. That Russell, he is quite the contestant. And that's all I gonna say on the subject. Well, except for, 'I can't wait for the next episode!!!'

Well, I am off to get in the jacuzzi and then go and do a little shopping. I need some new dress pants for work. Since I am now working 4 days per week instead of 3, I absolutely need some new clothes. Haaa haaaa!!!!! I will use any sort of reasoning to go shopping. Hope that you all have a great day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

50th Anniversary Card

This 50th Anniversary Card was ordered by my Mom. Thanks Mom!!! I did some dry embossing on parchment paper. The paper design underneath the parchment was made with Createx paints, which I love to swirl around on glossy paper. The results are never the same and they make an amazing background for so many things.

Wedding Exploding Box/Card

This exploding wedding box was ordered by a friend. She requested traditional wedding colours, butterflies, lots of sparkle, and a four-leafed clover. I hope she likes it!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Beautiful Great-Nephew

Yes, I said that...............GREAT Nephew. Now, I mean 'Great' in two ways.............the fact that he is amazing, beautiful, happy, healthy, spunky, beautiful, gorgeous, playful, smart, beautiful, and GREAT! I love him!!! And yes, we now have a great-nephew. Does that mean we are.......old? Oh no it doesn't. I actually got asked for i.d. when I went to the wine store last year, one week after I turned 40! I could have kissed the clerk when he asked for my i.d., but he didn't seem nearly as excited as I was. Well, back to baby Bryson. Did I mention that I love him? He just turned one a few weeks ago and is the best little boy ever! His blue eyes are amazing and he is such a good little boy. I can't wait until his next visit!

Some Pics

Here are just a few pics that I like. We were in Cancun and trying to master our new camera. In the first pic, we are getting ready to go to our absolute favourite club in Cancun, Coco Bongo. Amazing dancing, show, music, etc. The second pic is taken in the mirror, just before going to the beach. We LOVE Cancun. My husband is the best human travelling companion, fun, and funny too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Money Box

This is a money/gift box that I made for our beautiful great-nephew, Bryson, who turned 1 this week. I put pictures around the outside and then decorated the inside. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and of course, the gorgeous pics of our handsome little man was the icing on the cake. Happy Birthday Bryson!!!!