Sunday, August 30, 2009

And speaking of dreaming..............

What a sweet kitchen. So beautiful and clean. And those cupboards with the glass fronts are extremely neat and tidy. Another dream of mine. I just can't seem to keep my cupboards all orderly all of the time, but I sure do try. Sigh.................

Something Pretty

How pretty is this room???????????????? Pink and delicious!!!! LOVE the big, thick cushions, so comfy and inviting. The ottoman is fab, with the tray on top to keep all of those important bits and bobs that have to be within arms reach. Oh.............dare to dream.

Card for George's Boss

I made this card this past Christmas to replicate a missing usb drive that was a source of laughter for my husband's work group. I tried to make it the same as the missing usb.

Jewellery by Marni

Here are some necklace and earring sets that I made this past Christmas for friends and family. They are my first attempt at beading and now I can't stop! I just love it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our cuddly, sweetie pie girl

Somepuggie is getting cuddly in this cooler weather!!! Don't you just want to snuggle right in there with her???? Totally adorable. Love her!!!!

First real card since the car accident

This is my first real, finished card that I have made since my car accident. I am really starting to get back into creating and I couldn't be happier. With a few false starts over the past several weeks, I think I have my mojo back, as well as the ability to create again. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head because all I have been able to do is dream. But thanks to my wonderful chiropractor/physiotherapist, massage therapist, my beautiful little girl Sydney Woo, and my amazingly patient hubby...................I think that I am finally back!!! Woooo hooooo!!!!!!

A Funny New Sign For Our Kitchen

I found this sign in Bancroft at the cutest store called The Old Tin Shed. The website is and it has thousands of amazing treats. I could have gone even crazier, but had to limit myself. There is only so much room in the new car.....teee heeeeee. Well, this little sign says it all. One of these days, our kitchen will be re-done, but until then, I LOVE this sign.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Dubiel Cottage Getaway

Little Sydney Woo was put to the test while away with the Dubiel clan this past week, including our 4 beautiful nieces, aged 7-11 years. Sydney swam a LOT, and the girls made her a gorgeous necklace! Syd was such a good sport and she even wore the necklace into town one day. What a doll! Thanks girls!!!!

Order of the Opus Gluei Challenge #20 - Elvis

I LOVE Elvis!!!!! I was nine years old when Elvis 'left the building' for the last time in 1977. Yes, I know, that means that I am over 40, surprising that I can remember that far back, but I can. I was up north at a resort on Sparrow Lake with my family when I heard the news and quickly passed it on to other patrons of the resort. I knew Elvis because my parents loved his music back then and we would dance sometimes in the livingroom while listening to his albums. My love of Elvis only grew in time and now that my husband and I have satellite radio, we get can an ALL Elvis channel, which we love to listen to. So this is my digital tribute to the King of Rock and Roll. May he rest in peace.