Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Pics

Some pics from our back gardens.

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Our Home

The front of our house.
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More Pics of the Roses

This is a pic of the entrance to our back garden on the right hand side with our beautiful roses. The left hand side shows our beautiful neighbour's roses over the entrance to her back garden. My little car (before the accident) is also pictured in our driveway. Miss Sydney Woo is pictured coming back from a visit to our neighbour. Sydney Woo LOVES our neighbour and goes over there every chance she gets.
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Oh Mom.....

Oh Mom..........another picture?????
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My Baby

Here is my little girl - the most beautiful girl in the world!!!!
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Here are our climbing roses - they are massive this year. Our nephew trimmed them in the spring and they just took off. Love them!!!
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Alcohol Ink Painting

Here is an alcohol ink painting that I did a few months ago. I used poster board and just went crazy with all of the alcohol inks that I have. I used the applicator and did swirls of all different sizes. We put it up in the family room on a shelf with some matching accessories around it. My Dad loves it and I have an order to do one for a friend. It was fun doing it and no two will be alike. I want to try another one and then put some pictures and other embellishments on it. Can't wait!!!
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I'm Back!!!

Hi Everyone - Just wanted to let you know that I am back...........I was in a car accident last week, and I have not been able to blog as much as I would like. I put a few projects on my blog yesterday that I completed before I had the accident.

The great thing is that I am going to be fine! I am still in lots of pain, but I have a great chiropractor and doctor and all of the tests that they did at the hospital after the accident came out okay. And even though I love my little car, I can always buy another one. Not the same kind, because they don't make them anymore, but another kind.

And just a note.......................MY SEATBELT SAVED MY LIFE.

Take care and I look forward to crafting again!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exploding Boxes

Here are some 'exploding boxes' made with my Crafters Companion, an amazing addition to my craft room. I finally had time a few weeks ago to start looking at the video tutorials on the DVD that was included with the whole package. The website is and there are tons of ideas.

Accordion Photo Albums

Here are a few accordion photo albums that I have made. The polka one was made for pictures of my little Sydney Woo. The second is a more masculine one made to sell in my friend's store.

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Here is a bookmark that I made for my Gram a few years ago. Her name was Iris and that is why I chose the iris stamp and the colours. Gram loved this bookmark and said that it was too pretty to use, so she had it displayed on her front room table where she could see it every day.
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