Saturday, March 21, 2009

Silent Auction

I have been asked to make some creations for Distress Centre Niagara's euchre tournament and silent auction. So I did! Any excuse to get crafting. The website for Distress Centre is and here are some cards that I came up with. The ones with the cool folds inside, sort of accordian were made using my awesome new acquisition the Ultimate Crafter's Companion. I still have not gone through the entire DVD that was included with my purchase. There are endless possiblities! The website is and I purchased it through my fave store, The Rubber Stamp Store at . I love, love, love The Rubber Stamp Store and the owners, Pat and Con Duffy are absolutely, THE nicest people you could ever meet.

Almost Done!!!

Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Almost done!!! Last night, after my sweetie pie went out, I mischeviously dragged a chair, small table, and lamp down to the basement. I sat and snuggled with my little puggie girl, while watching tv and sipping on a glass of wonderful red wine. I put the little electric stove on and promptly fell asleep until my sweetie came home. It was wonderful!!! No pics of the chair that I dragged downstairs, but pics of the other progress. Including the new carpeting. My cousin is coming back today to do the grouting and then just little details are left - baseboards, trim, and!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned.


I went to Toronto a few weeks ago and taught a greeting card making course at my friend's school. I was totally AMAZED at what the students came up with! The students are 12-13 years old. Their creativity knocked me off of my feet. It was fun. Although I have to say.......I don't know how teachers do it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yes, progress! Can't wait to show you the finished area, but here are some pics so far.

Some Cards

I can't wait to have my new crafting space. For now, I have some of my supplies upstairs in the diningroom, so I have been trying to create with what I have. It has been challenging, which is good and keeps the brain sharp! So here are some things that I have done lately.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Yes, it is true, but not easy. The basement renovation is progressing every day and it looks better and better all the time! The carpeting is being installed next week and all of the painting is done. My cousin will be putting in the tile this week. We have had a minor setback, water in the basement during a rainstorm yesterday. The only good thing is that it happened before the carpeting was installed and we are pretty sure we know what happened....and it appears to be fixable and preventable. are some pics of the work in progress! What a difference you will see from beginning of the reno until now. I still have to take some pics of the painting, but will wait until the water is all dried up. Wish us luck!!!